Tips and Tricks for visitng Marrakesh, Morocco!

Are you heading to Marrakesh? Trying to figure out your plans on what to do and where to stay? Marrakesh is a wonderful experience in some way but can be very demanding on your patience also. I hope that I can prepare you for what you may encounter on your journey through this rich cultural city!

Do you travel with a drone?
Don’t bring it to Morocco if this is the only place you are going! If you are traveling beyond Morocco then know that when you arrive with your drone it will be taken by customs and held in storage until you leave. This will cost you roughly $100.00 Durham or $10.00 US to get it out. It will also basically leave you stuck leaving from the same airport you arrived at unless you want to pay at each airport you fly into.

Looking for Airport transportation?
If possible pre arrange your transport online with a set price! If you do not then be prepared for varying prices for taxis. Ranging from $150.00-$300.00 Durham! When you leave the Marrakesh Airport you will see a parking lot of taxis all wanting your business! Be prepared to haggle for a price! I would highly recommend pre arranging your taxi online to avoid the hassle.

Looking for a place to stay?
If you are traveling on a budget as I was then look into staying in Riad’s these are generally a fair price and are basically family owned houses where the family lives on the bottom floor and rents the top floor rooms out to guests. Some offer things like meals made by the families and other options like tours, guides, bikes etc to rent. There are also several hotel options that you can find through Skyscanner. When I was there I stay in a Riad near the market square. While it was close to everything it also had it’s downfalls. I would recommend staying outside the market and souk area and just walking or taking a taxi to get there. You can find places to stay that are acceptable from about $120.00 USD and up for a week. Just do your research and decide your budget and where you would like to stay and location. Also know that if you get lost finding your place people are willing to help you for a price after they get you there.

Looking for things to do?
There are several things to do within Marrakesh from cooking classes to gardens, souks and more. You can also set up tours from there like desert tours and camel rides. Trips to the atlas mountains and hiking. You can get massages at several places to relax. I took a trip to the west coast of Morocco to the city of Essaouira. With a city walking tour and also to the warf. On this trip I also got the see the famous Argan goats and went to n Argan coop. There are also many gardens to visit around the city. Most things are priced good, some you need to haggle prices. Make sure you ask about extra costs! You will pay one price for the trip and then be surprised by other costs say for city tours etc.

Looking for a place to eat?
While staying near the Souk and medina I tried several places while I was there. There are many places outside the Souk and medina area also near the hotels and major roads that looked nice to go and the menus were fairly common but I did not go to them. In the Medina market go to Café Paris and sit outside and enjoy a mint tea and watch the culture of the market come alive with locals and tourists. you will see street performers, smell the food vendors cooking in the Medina and more. Make it before sunset and you will hear the Muslim call to prayer over the loud speakers that surround the Medina. After you take in a tea and you want some good food, drinks and entertainment then head next door to the Le Marrakchi and enjoy belly dancing, live music, traditional Moroccan meals and they are one of the few who serve beer and alcohol.

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