THE BEST PIZZA IN ITALY!!! I found in Venice!!

I have traveled a lot of Italy on this trip and was so excited to try the pizza when I arrived!

Arriving in Lamezia, Italy first I found there are many different places to get pizza from and as I traveled from Lamezia, to Pompeii, Napoli, Catania and Bari I found the best cheap meal in Pompeii was a small Pizzeria near the Ruins but not for the pizza but rather the rotisserie CHICKEN!!

After arriving in Venice I had enough of trying pizza to find that best pizza that everyone speaks of in Italy! I had some good pizza and some of THE WORST pizza ever on this trip through Italy. From Pizza with almost no sauce to canned mushrooms and sauce that tasted like ketchup thinned out with water!

I began to miss my favorite pizza places in the states! Pizza Oven in Ohio for one is my favorite! So, while exploring Venice I happened upon this small little pizza shop near one of the canal’s in Venice. I saw some people sitting on the small bridge outside the Pizzeria having a slice of pizza and I could smell the pizza coming from this place! So I thought well they sell it by the slice, let me see what it is like! It can’t hurt to just have a slice!

I walk through the door and there is the nicest Man and Woman in there working with their matching red shirts on. The pizzas were in the case in front of me and as you asked for a slice they then put it in the over to heat it up for you! I order the 4 cheese pizza that I am sure had Gorgonzola, Asiago, Parmesan and Mozzarella on it! It was only $2.00 Euro a slice so around 2.50 USD. Pretty standard price back home for a slice.

I decided to take the pizza just outside the door to give it a try and leaned against the wall next to the canal. As I took my first bite of this pizza I was amazed. The cheese was delicious and just the right amount! The crust was some what thin and slightly crispy! The right amount of sauce and the sauce had such an amazing flavor! I was in love with this pizza!! This was the pizza I was looking for in Italy this whole time!! The holy grail of pizza was found here in this small pizza shop down some random walk way in Venice!!

After finishing that delicious slice of goodness I had to go back in and try another different slice to make sure I was correct on this pizza! I explained to these very nice people that this Pizza was the best in all of Italy and they sort of laughed in a joking fashion and while they thought I was kidding I was actually very serious! IT TRULY WAS!!

The next slice I order was a ham and artichoke slice and WOW still just as good!! It was then I thought I need to write this blog about this pizza and how AMAZING it is!! I asked them for their information and took some pictures to share with you all!

When you are in Venice, Italy PLEASE LOOK for this place and tell them Backpacker Mike sent you!

You won’t regret it!

This is the information from their business card:


Pizza al taglio

e da asporto


Sestiere Dorsoduro 1309


Tel: 041-5236518 – 348 5354629 



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