Flying into Gatwick Airport outside London, England


What a trip from Orlando, Florida USA to Gatwick, England!

I was able to find a great deal through Norwegian at for $209.00 USD plus $45.00 USD to check my backpack and it was a non-stop flight!

The TSA in the United States took very long to get through. Longer than I have waited there ever before. It took about an hour to get through the line and on the tram to my gate. While at the gate the attendant there was nice enough to change my seat since I forgot to ask that at the ticket counter. For a fee you can pre-book your seat but I suggest not spending the money to do that and just do it at the ticket counter or the gate. They will usually accommodate you for say a window seat if it is available and it is free. So save your money.

Another option you have while booking online is to order a meal for another fee I believe 25.00-35.00 USD and I also recommend not to do that. You are allowed to bring food snacks and large bottle of water on the plane after the security checkpoints and a small amount through the checkpoint. This will save you money also. If you do get hungry on the plane sandwiches and drinks are available from between $5-9.00 USD still cheaper than a full meal price. Another tip is to try and get a flight that is an overnight flight and eat before flying this will be perfect for just a snack and a bottle of water overnight.

While on the flight it was difficult for me to sleep because there was a child that was having a rough flight and crying a lot. Understandable for small children not their fault. But this is where I suggest another tip, EAR PLUGS!

When I arrived in Gatwick it was a beautiful day and sunny out! The airport is beautiful and had two beautiful Murals of the Queen made out of several other small pictures. It was created to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s coronation. After a bit of a walk I finally reached the Border Force/Customs. The lines were very long and took me about an hour and a half to get to the agent. Finally there she really started to grill me about why I was there, how long, do I have tickets to leave (which you don’t need in the UK or EU) and so on. I explained that I am a travel blogger and that I knew I had 90 days and that I wouldn’t be here that long. After some more what I thought was unnecessary questioning she finally let me through. I finally got my backpack and headed to the hotel bus section and  it cost about $6.00 USD for the bus to my hotel. The hotel was just convenient and close to the airport and it cost $62.00 USD a night.

I would recommend however if your main purpose is London keep in mind Gatwick to London is about an hour by train from the airport and around two hours by bus to the London city center.

I will only be in London here for 2 nights and then off to Dublin for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hope the tips will help you on your next trip to London!

Backpacker Mike 

Let’s experience this world together!



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